Passenger simulation for the terminal of the future

SimWalk Airport


Prepare your airport infrastructure for the next step

SimWalk Airport offers high-quality simulation and optimization of passenger operations in airports, for example the analysis of passenger capacities, operational layouts, congestions and queues as well as levels of service. It includes everything to evaluate efficient check-in configurations, security check points, boarding procedures or baggage handling in accordance with optimized flight schedules.


SimWalk Airport integrates a high-end intelligent route choice model to accurately model and simulate passenger and terminal dynamics.


SimWalk Airport provides a unique workflow support to guide the user effectively and easily through the simulation project.


Multithreading and cloud calculation deliver scalable simulation performance depending on the time and budget available.



Core applications of simwalk airport


During the planning phase, SimWalk Airport may be deployed to find the most efficient and cost-effective options without the reduction of operational quality. Potential bottlenecks can be identified in advance and passenger convenience ensured for the envisioned infrastructure.


On the operational side, SimWalk Airports provides a detailed analysis of the most important factors, as for example the utilization of stopover and movement areas as well as waiting queue development. Other operational factors to be analyzed are passenger waiting times and service times for passenger service facilities.


Airport terminals are highly vulnerable targets for a multitude of threats. With SimWalk Airport, evacuations can be simulated and analyzed as they occur in reality.

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Standard Terminal Facilities

The library integrates all standard terminal facilities as for example check-in counters, boarding pass, security and immigration controls.

Airport Evacuation

SimWalks' evacuation modeling capabilities - e.g. the dynamic triggering of hazards or explosions during run-time - allows simulating complex evacuation scenarios.

RAIL/Airport Modeling

Through the integration of transport modeling capabilities SimWalk Airport provides comprehensive rail/airport link simulation and analysis.

Group Modeling

Advanced features like the group modelling of passengers deliver a high accuracy representation of the airport dynamics.

Customized devices

SimWalk Airport incorporates full flexibility to create in a modular fashion existing or future airport devices for reuse.

Shopping Analysis

Analyse shopping behaviour, location-based footfall and translate it to airport revenue opportunities.