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To optimally support the delivery of a project in time and budget is a key requirement for every engineering software. SimWalk's ease of use for the complex task of simulation, as well as our 24-hour comprehensive support assure a timely delivery and a high return on investment for your pedestrian simulation project.


Domain specific simulation solutions reduce the acquisition costs and the learning curve for your expert staff.


SimWalk simulation solutions provide a unique workflow support to guide the user effectively and easily through the simulation project.


Multithreading and cloud calculation deliver scalable simulation performance depending on the time and budget available.



Core applications of simwalk software


SimWalk Transport integrates all the features that you need to conduct a successful passenger project in the public transport sector. A rolling stock library, integration of timetables, realistic boarding and alighting and rail network integration capability (OpenTrack) are some of the key features of SimWalk Transport.


Airports are special infrastructures with specific procedures and processual objects. SimWalk Airport provides standard and customizable objects like check-in counters, ticket counters, boarding pass controls and security controls. The software allows the simulation and analysis of all passenger relevant airport objects and processes.


Evacuation and security of buildings or other infrastructures has been one of the earliest applications of pedestrian simulation. All SimWalk products are designed to deliver evacuation simulations with dynamic hazard control and other evacuation specific features.

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SimWalk Features

Standard Terminals

The library integrates all standard terminal facilities as for example check-in counters, boarding pass, security and immigration controls.

Airport Evacuation

SimWalks' evacuation modeling capabilities - e.g. the dynamic triggering of hazards or explosions during run-time - allows simulating complex evacuation scenarios.

RAIL/Airport Modeling

Through the integration of transport modeling capabilities SimWalk Airport provides comprehensive rail/airport link simulation and analysis.

Group Modeling

Advanced features like the group modelling of passengers deliver a high accuracy representation of the airport dynamics.

Customized devices

SimWalk incorporates full flexibility to create in a modular fashion existing or future airport devices for reuse.

Shopping Analysis

Analyse shopping behaviour, location-based footfall and translate it to airport revenue opportunities.