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Walkability is the extent to which the built environment is friendly to the presence of people living, shopping, visiting, enjoying or spending time in an area. For communities, this is an increasingly important focus of attention to secure the attractiveness of their streets, buildings and environments.


SimWalk solutions integrate a high-end intelligent route choice model to accurately model and simulate people dynamics in cities.


SimWalk community solutions provide a unique workflow support to guide the user effectively and easily through the simulation task.


Multithreading and cloud calculation deliver scalable simulation performance depending on the time and budget available.

SimWalk Applications


Core applications of simwalk Software


Walkable communities are designed around the human foot, truly the only template that can lead to sustainability and future community prosperity. Increased walkability also helps improve resource responsibility, safety, physical fitness and social interaction. Simulation allows to improve and secure the walkability of a community during the planning phase of streets, areas, passages, buildings, as well as during daily operation.


Retail developers have recently recognized opportunities in walkable shopping centers that offer a “sense of place.” Lifestyle centers are being developed to replicate many of the community or neighborhood shopping experiences offered by downtowns. These new centers try to recreate downtown’s sense of place with small building footprints, multi-story buildings and an open-air environment. SimWalk supports developers that these centers are built to be pedestrian friendly, convenient and safe.


Natural hazards like hurricanes or floods require well planned people evacuation scenarios on a grand scale. The built enviroment of the city or community is often not prepared to cope with the fast evacuation of large masses. People simulation with SimWalk allows to test the community environment for emergency cases.

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Available Features

Standard Objects Library

The standard objects library integrates all often used facilities as for example stairs, escalators, eleveators as well as gates.


SimWalks' evacuation modeling capabilities - e.g. the dynamic triggering of explosions during run-time - allow to simulate complex evacuation scenarios.

Transport Modeling

Through the integration of transport modeling capabilities SimWalk provides comprehensive simulation and analysis of public transport facilities.

Group Modeling

Advanced features like the group modelling of pedestrians deliver a high accuracy representation of the people dynamics.

Customized areas

SimWalk incorporates full flexibility to create in a modular fashion existing or future devices (ramps, passages etc.) for reuse.

Shopping Analysis

Analyse shopping behaviour, location-based footfall and translate it to airport revenue opportunities.