Latest Simwalk News

Fast & Automatic BIM Conversion on the Cloud

The new SimWalk BIM conversion cloud service reduces simulation project time up to 60%. Cleaning and preparing of existing BIM plans for simulation is one of the most time consuming activities in a project. Not anymore with the new BIM fast conversion service...

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  • October 2020

SimWalk DaaS - On the Cloud  

SimWalk is now, apart from the on-premise software, also available as a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution. Flexible on-demand availability, no update and maintenance hassles as well as no special hardware requirements are advantages of a cloud solution...

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  • June 2020

New SimWalk Prices 

The new prices 2019 for SimWalk PRO, SimWalk Transport and other SimWalk products are out ! Have a look at it and compare different versions. We have switched to EUR prices and due to the demand we are able to lower prices...

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  • April 2019

SimWalk 5.1 released

The worldwide first pedestrian simulation software integrating two different models in order to deliver higher accuracy and flexbility in evaluating crowd dynamics is now available and can be downloaded from our website...

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  • April 2018

New reseller for South Africa

We are happy to announce that Dwyka Mining Services is a new SimWalk reseller for South Africa and other african countries. Dwyka Mining Services is an agile mining technology integration partner focused on assisting its clients to adopt and adapt to technological change...

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  • July 2017

PED 2018 in Sweden

The next conference for Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, arguably the most important conference in the field of pedestrian simulation and related sciences, will be held on August 21-24th, 2018 in Lund, Sweden...

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  • June 2017

New reseller for India

We are glad to announce that Railsys Engineers Pvt Ltd. is the new reseller for SimWalk simulation software products and services in India. Railsys Engineers Pvt Ltd. is a company established in the year 2011 with its registered office at Dadar, Mumbai, India...

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  • October 2016

New reseller in Singapore

Precision Technologies Ltd is the new value added reseller for SimWalk products in Singapore. Precision Technologies is a leading sales, integration and technical support company providing high performance products & solutions to the Military, Aerospace, Communications, Security, Scientific, Marine, Transportation and Electronics industries...

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  • August 2016

SimWalk Version 5.0 released !

With SimWalk 5.0 Savannah Simulations AG, the developer of SimWalk, makes a major leap forward into the future of pedestrian simulation technology. Version 5.0 includes a high-accuracy, next generation pedestrian algorithm and cloud integration...

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  • February 2016