Simulate traffic and pedestrians

Intermodal simulation with the Road Traffic Simulator

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Car traffic and pedestrian simulation in one software

The SimWalk Road Traffic Simulator (RTS) allows to model all areas where car traffic and pedestrian interaction must be analyzed. Conduct capacity analyses at intersections, ramps, pavements, crossings, intersection corners, roundabouts, metro and station entrances - all in the same SimWalk model. Discover the full potential of an intermodal simulation to improve transport infrastructure


Core features of the Road traffic Simulator

Continous-time traffic flow model

The SimWalk ‘Road Traffic Simulator’ (RTS) is a microscopic continuous-time traffic flow model, based on the principles of the intelligent driver model (IDM). The IDM is a car following model; the decision of any driver to accelerate or to brake depends on her own speed.

Ideal for medium-sized traffic networks

The RTS module is an add-on to the SimWalk Pedestrian Simulator, based on an independent traffic engine communicating with the User Interface. It is destined for small- to medium-sized traffic networks, such as intersections, small urban areas or station environments.

Setup with standard SimWalk functionalities

Simwalk track nodes are used to define start and destination points as well as road traffic signs (e.g. speed limit, yield, stop or lights). Vehicles are used to determine the color and dimension (e.g. body, axles and bumpers) and type of cars (e.g. car, van, bus, truck...).

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Master the interaction of pedestrians and urban car traffic.