Automatic spatial optimization

PlanOptimizer supports planners to find the best design - automatically

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Better pedestrian designs through automatic spatial optimization

The PlanOptimizer module optimizes automatically critical areas regarding high pedestrian densities or travel times and recommends concrete solutions to reduce re-planning and costs.

SimWalk PlanOptimizer is based on genetic algorithms going through thousands of iterations of a given design to propose the optimal solution. It is a powerful tool to optimize spatial geometries and environments for the security and comfort of pedestrian flows.



Core features of the Planoptimizer Module

World's first automatic optimization tool

PlanOptimizer is the first application in the pedestrian planning industry that provides concrete solutions and not only analysis for transport, airport and building planners.

Integrates your expert knowledge

Planners and architects can interact with the application to decide which architectural features are fixed by the design and wich ones can get changed and optimized.

Advanced simulation technology

Advanced genetic algorithms apply the power of evolutionary computation to find the optimal solution for a pedestrian design problem.

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PlanOptimizer automatically optimizes designs to reduce densities and improve security.