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Reliable, non-proprietary pedestrian data collected all over the world

SimWalk integrates a Pedestrian Database with an excellent and comprehensive sample of real world pedestrian measurement data and formula to help SimWalk users in planning, conducting and validating their pedestrian simulation studies.

The Pedestrian Database has been collected and edited in cooperation with Professor Ulrich Weidmann at Swiss ETH/IVT, a leading researcher in the field. The database is mainly intended to enhance simulation with SimWalk, but it may also be used as a standalone application for any expert or engineer confronted with pedestrian movement management or the control thereof.



Core features of the Pedestrian Database

Comprehensive pedestrian data

The SimWalk pedestrian database integrates the most relevant data, formula and information from the best studies and pedestrian research from the last 25 years.

Easy to use

The database content is structured into pedestrians, pedestrian flows, walking facilities and literature to provide easy access during project execution.

Software integration

A part of the pedestrian database is integrated into the SimWalk software and therefore provides further information on pedestrian issues.

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Relevant data from the best pedestrian research studies of the last 20 years.