Walking is the world's most fundamental transport mode

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Building a better environment for people on the move

Our vision is to improve the walkability, efficiency and safety of the built environment, in railway stations, airports, stadiums, streets, buildings and landscapes. "Better starts now" is our brand statement. The thinking behind it - from the inception of the company more than a decade ago - is that no matter who you are or what you do, it is always possible to make something better - and now is the time to start doing it.

Pedestrian simulation with SimWalk improves the walkability of the built environment in a comprehensive and efficient way for planned or existing facilities and infrastructures. The technology reduces the costs of design bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies, resulting in an environment worth walking.

We strive to provide a state-of-the-art, user-friendly simulation software to empower transport planners, engineers and safety experts to deliver client projects fast and in time. We highly value support services and training for our clients. In addition, we strongly encourage the use of pedestrian simulation in academia and pedestrian research in general.

We succeed if people can walk comfortably and safely in all the built enviroment.

Our management team: dedicated to an outstanding solution

With a combined experience in pedestrian solutions and simulation technology of more than three decades, the SimWalk management team is strongly dedicated to provide with SimWalk an outstanding software solution, accompanied by exceptional support services.

Alex Schmid

Founder / CEO

Alex is a long-time entrepreneur with a background in IT management, media consultancy and financial services. He founded Savannah Simulations AG in 2003, the parent company of the SimWalk product line, and leads its growth to this day.

Katrin Heggli

Founder / CMO

Katrin is a successful web entrepreneur and trainer with a background in graphic design. At Savannah Simulations AG, she's responsible for marketing design, day to day operations as well as account management.

Norbert Köchli


An expert in software architecture, Norbert guides the development of SimWalk since its beginning in 2003. An entrepreneur in electronics and information technology himself, he's responsible for the technological strategy of SimWalk.

Industry Leader

Being one of the earliest pedestrian simulation software vendors in the market, and dedicated exclusively to this type of simulation, we strive to stay the market leader through innovation and outstanding support.

Dedicated to innovation

We are dedicated to continously improving and innovating the pedestrian simulation technology for our clients and a pedestrian-friendly built environment. We are commited to lead the industry.

SimWalk Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board of SimWalk provides advice and scientific expertise to the company. The Scientific Advisory Board is regularly informed on the progress of SimWalk research and development projects and provides feedback and ideas intended to accelerate and improve the software development process. SimWalk's Scientific Advisory Board is composed of six internationally acknowledged scientific leaders in their areas of expertise.

Michel Bierlaire

Professor, ELPF Lausanne

Serge Hoogendorn

Professor, University Delft

Albert Steiner

Assoc. Professor, ZHAW Winterthur

Kardi Teknomo

Professor, University of Manila

Paul M. Torrens

Professor, University of Maryland

Ulrich Weidmann

Professor, IVT ETH Zurich